The Unrecorded Fox (Spirits 2) - Lasse Lindgren Big C

The Unrecorded Fox (Spirits 2) - Lasse Lindgren Big C

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"The Unrecorded Fox - Nilento Studio / Naxos 2 DC


Disappeared in 2006, Montreal trumpet player Maynard Ferguson had a considerable ascendancy over generations of musicians. In addition to his exploits in the stratosphere, he had a communicative energy that is lacking today. As his memory is still alive, the Swedish trumpeter Lasse Lindgren pays him a very nice tribute with this novelty, to say the least explosive. Surrounded by a swinging orchestra, the trumpet player winks at The Fox (Maynard's nickname) without ever imitating him. "Christophe Rodriguez Le Journal de Montreal

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"Spirits 1 was a tribute to Maynard Ferguson, one of my great trumpet heroes. We were able to record this thanks to my very good friend and manager Ernie Garside and my "Big Constellation". When it became apparent that Ernie was in possession of a large collection of unrecorded MF-material, the idea was born for a follow-up album. It tuned out to be a brilliant mix of arrangements that was not only enough for one but even a double-CD and so I thought, OK why not?

My goal is to play the music in my own way, in a personal, creative process. I am not trying to be MF or copy him, which would be both impossible and uninteresting. I just want to be myself and, together with wonderful fellow-musicians, help to keep the music alive, as it rightly deserves. Maynard was often called "The Fox", so there it is - SPIRITS 2 - THE UNRECORDED FOX." (Lasse Lindgren)

Lasse Lindgren: leader, trumpet, flugelhorn, superbone, valve trombone

Antonio Gecek: trumpet

Darko Sedak Bencic: trumpet

Zvonimir Bajevic: trumpet

Klas Nilsson: trumpet

Johnny Olson: trumpet

Jocke Nilsson: trumpet

Fredrik Davidsson: trumpet

Andreas Marinella: alto sax

Johan Borgstrom: alto sax

Mario Bocic: tenor sax

Vojkan Jacic: tenor sax

John Nilsson: tenor sax

Per Lang: tenor sax

Damir Horvat: baritone sax

Erik Kristoffersson: baritone sax

Marin Ferketin: trombone

Miron Hauser: trombone

Niclas Rydh: trombone

Fredrik Wiklund: trombone

Ivan Aleksijevic: piano

Stefan Wingefors: piano

Goran Rukavina: acoustic, electric bass

Peter Janson: acoustic, electric bass

Bruno Domiter: drums

Adam Ross: drums

Mikael Andersson: percussion

Valerija Nikolovska: vocals

Produced by Ernie Garside & Lasse Lindgren


Release date: 2018

Run Time: 82 minutes

Label: Nilento Records