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"I have always been enthusiastic about different sounds and have therefore, during my tours, collected instruments from many different countries, which I use in my music. Not least percussion instruments."

The Fox Hunt
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Walkin' Around
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Right On Time
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"This is some of the best Swedish jazz by a large ensemble that I have heard in a long time."

- Ulf Gustavsson, Uppsala Nya Tidning

"I hope the entire musical world gets the opportunity to hear this super CD! Thanks for being there guys!"

- Bobby Shew, Jazz Trumpet Artist

"Among new Swedish jazz Cds there is one that stands out. It is Lasse Lindgren’s ”Walkin’ Around”. Seldom does a group feel so tight and cohesive as this one."

- Mats Palmquist, Borås Tidning

"This CD is an artistic trial of strength and a must – not only for trumpeters but also for anyone interested in hearing how tradition is reflected in the music of today. Don’t miss it!"

- Johnny Olsson, Nya Vermlands Tidningen

Lasse Lindgren works as a jazz musician, trumpet player, composer, rehearsal leader, bandleader and lecturer.

Ever since Louis Armstrong’s unique trumpet voice captured my ear at the age of five, I have tried in different ways to express myself with my own individual voice on the trumpet, an instrument I was given at the age of eight.

I was born in 1962 in Gothenburg, Sweden. I studied at the music departments of the high schools of Ljungskile 1980–81 and Ingesund 1981–83 and at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm 1984–86.

Lasse Lindgren worked busily as a freelance jazz-and-lead trumpeter during his years as a music student and in the years following during the ‘80s when he lived in Stockholm. The first band under Lasse’s own leadership was called “Outfront” and this was followed by another that among its activities toured with valve-trombonist and composer Bob Brookmeyer.

Lasse then started a family and moved to Sandviken, working as jazz-and-lead trumpeter with Sandviken Big Band 1989–1997. He also performed in the same role with Bohuslän Big Band 1991–1997 and in the following years with the Danish Radio Big Band (later “Jazz Orchestra”) 1997–2000.

In recent years he has diversified and let go of the world of employment in order to pursue his more personal dreams. The Lasse Lindgren Constellations come in a wide variety of settings and possibilities.



Animal lover and fisher. He actually doesn't eat fish, due to an allergy, but fishing is one of his favorite pastimes.

Being out in nature is a requisite to be able to be part of life in the fast lane as a professional musician.


Ernie's Gift

Ernie Garside donates Maynard Fergusons Conn Constellation to a Swedish trumpet player for the UltimateTribute


Not Only Trumpets

When I was an eight-year-old, because of my fascination for Louis Armstrong, I began to play the trumpet. But I had another idol and that was Glenn Miller. My plan was to also play the trombone, but I must wait until I was 15 when my arms would be long enough to be able to reach all the positions with the slide.
Now at the age of 45 I have long enough arms and I still want to play the trombone but I am too lazy to start with the slide trombone. So instead I have a new dear friend, an old Conn 6H valve-trombone from 1957, it’s a beauty, with a wonderful fat, bluesy sound and I will be using it a lot in the future.


Of Lasse Lindgren and his Constellations

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