In the Mood for Standards - Lasse Lindgren Constellations

In the Mood for Standards - Lasse Lindgren Constellations

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You have heard them a thousand times. You recognize them every time. Even so, the tunes sound fresh every time a good artist sink their teeth into the material, to present it in their own unique way. Jazz Standards are no mere chartbusters, they are musical diamonds and a priceless materieal to improvise on.

The somewhat prosaic term ”standards” doesn't sound very creative, but who cares. Here comes eleven highly respected Jazz Standards in as many cool special arrangements, presented by Lasse Lindgren in three different Constellations: BIG CONSTELLATIONS, HIP BOP CONSTELLATION and QUARTET CONSTELLATION.

Explosive, poetic. Beautiful and wild in an original mix offering an unusual variation for the active record listener. You have never heard them like this before.

A tour de force - a self-evident acquisition…. … It's fresh, brazen, beautiful, witty” Johnny Olsson NWT

…Lasse Lindgren is setting the bar with his trumpet. Not least Summertime is magnificent, creating goose bumps…. Here plays the daredevils who master the craft.” Lennart Götesson, Dalademokraten

SAXOPHONES: Jocke Rolandsson alto, Björn Cedergren tenor, Tomas Johnsson tenor, Alberto Pinton baryton

TRUMPETS: Lasse Lindgren, Robin Rydqvist, Ulrik Höglund, Johan Åkerwall

TROMBONES: Jacob Sollerman, Marcus Ahlberg, Anders Hellman

PIANO: Tommy Kotter, Daniel Nolgård,

GUITAR: Johan Öijen

BASS: Peter Janson

DRUMS/PERCUSSION: David Sundby and Göran Kroon

Recorded at: Bohusstudios

Producer: Lasse Lindgren

Mixing: Åke Linton

Release date: 2009-10-01

Run Time: 70 minutes

Label: Imogena Records