Baltic Waves - Lasse Lindgren, Latvian Radio BB & Berit Andersson

Baltic Waves - Lasse Lindgren, Latvian Radio BB & Berit Andersson

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It would be no exaggeration to describe Lasse Lindgren as a jazz musician constantly on-the-go. The amount of energy required over the years to master a whole family of instruments, compose, organize rehearsals and concerts with musicians from totally different countries and then set about the task of successfully recording the results is just beyond the capacity of the majority of individuals. Lasse has the spirit and determination to achieve all these things often in the face of obvious adversity.

"On this CD he leads the excellent Latvian Radio Big Band in a program of his own compositions, some written many years ago for a quintet he led and with which he toured with Bob Brookmeyer who was extremely complementary over Lasse’s compositions.

The arrangers Lars Halle, Mikael Råberg and the late Leif Hallden have provided enormously challenging arrangements for jazz orchestra and soloists of which Lasse is featured most with an incredible display of sounds, ideas and technique associated with his fantastic range.

Three of Lasse’s compositions have been given English lyrics and are performed by Swedish singer Berit Andersson, one of the most highly respected among the many outstanding female singers from that country. Her interesting interpretation of “This Time of Night finds her more as a narrative voice in the orchestra rather than vocalizing the song as such.

Everybody involved in this production, the artists and studio technicians have wholeheartedly dedicated their talents to the musical results and you are sure to discover a new world of sounds from a large jazz ensemble. The inspiration can undoubtedly be traced to the dynamic playing and leadership of the amazing Lasse Lindgren."

- Dave Castle

Release date: 2019-03-01

Run Time: 82 minutes

Label: IMOGENA Records

Identifier: IGCD 298