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I have a few beautiful rare original Items in Stock. New!! but made before 1979!!, in their classic original packing, round boxes, mint condition of course, never used and never to be made again. Therefore sought after collectors Items, so if you are a mute collector of a Tromboneplayer who needs a great Wah Wow mute, here it is!

I dont think neither Dizzy or Maynard used these mutes, since they played trumpet, Maynard played trombone, but hardly this mute on trombone,or maybe he did!? but who knows?
Nevertheless, they were sold by Ullvén as their models, equal to the famous trumpet mutes, Dizzy model in Chrome Plated Copper, and Maynard’s in White or Brown Aluminum. As Wah-Wow mutes they are the best!!!, then I included a short insert tube to make the intonation in the low register work better when use without the stem. They work of course great as they did 40-50 years ago and at the same time.

This is a great mute!!.the best harmon I’ve personally ever played.· I’m beyond excited. thank you lasse lindgren (Ullvén mutes for brass Instrument.) and Jon faddis for the help tracking one of these exceptionally rare mutes down. mint condition from the 50’s with the original packaging!!!!!! It’s almost too pretty to play!

Matt Hall - Freelance Trombonist Musician Jazz Trombone Instructor San Diego State University and Musician U.S. Marine Corps

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