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Seven Variations of Stubby

By changing the "body size" and the size of the whole based on the original Stubby (345-7 AI) I now have seven variations of Stubby, each with its unique sounds. Available in all colors and Ullvén materials.

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Stubby BOP Mute

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I DESIGNED "STUBBY" to be a solo mute, with a personal sound a little different from others. I little louder and more open free-blowing with a "Bluesy" character. I wanted a mute to use acoustic with my quartet in a small club, a mute that "opens up" sound wise even when playing soft and low volume, or sometimes also when I play lead in a Big Band. It has no stem or insert tube, which was not needed or wanted. Me and others love this mute for its sound of it's own.

Will be available again in mid, February 2021.

Option on Request!​
If you don't like Black, White, Burgundy or Natural Aluminium.
For additional 500:- SEK, you can choose your own colour of the ALUMINIUM mutes.
*Discount if you order 3 or more mutes.
It may be nice to have a set of mutes in your own colour.
*This option is for Free, if a larger number of mutes are ordered.
For example, the same colour for your entire Brass section!!
Please contact:
for further information.

NOTE: All Ullvén mutes are delivered with oversized corks that has to be filed or cut, to fit each individual Instrument. This is important for best intonation and sound. It is advantageously recommended that the cork would be adjusted so that the Mute fit deep into the Instrument Bell.

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Listen to Stubby Model C2 played in a pyramid with the trumpet section of Sandviken Big Band


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