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Copper BOP Mute (Brushed Copper)

Copper BOP Mute (Brushed Copper)

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Copper BOP Mute (Alt Colour)

Copper BOP Mute (Alt Colour)

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Information about Mute model 342:

The "Dizzy Bop Mute", "Popy BOP Mute" and "Copper BOP Mute” was originally made and delivered with a roll of Felt in the hole, to hold and fix the Stem-cup. We still make the mute like this, however, for more open sound and free-blowing feel, it may be advantageously replaced with a similar roll of Rubber-Cork or Synthetic Cork material.

This will be supplied from us either with the mute or on request from you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with this, and as a costumer,  you are most welcome to contact us for any question regarding our Mutes, corks, etc.

Copper BOP Mute

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As played and loved by legends like Clark Terry, Maynard Ferguson, Jon Faddis, Harry "Sweets" Edison etc….and the old Military Marching Band from Uddevalla ”Bohus Bataljon” founded in 1661!!

Copper Bop Mute (Brushed Copper)
Copper Bop Mute (Brushed Copper)

Copper Bop Mute (Brushed Copper)
Copper Bop Mute (Brushed Copper)



  • This is a classic Ullvén mute, with adjustable cup-stem, for solo or section use wherever it is needed in any style of music. (It is similar to a "Harmon style" mute but with a sound of its own.)

  • Perfect in tune in all registers.

  • Beautiful warm sound with rich overtones.

  • The Original Ullvén Copper Bop Mute is handmade in Sweden.

*Ullvén mutes are handmade in fairly thin metal to deliver a free and rich sound, with colourful overtones.  However, this may lead to, the mute easily becoming unwanted dented.  To avoid this, make sure that the mute is properly seated in the Bell  so it will not fall to the floor and get dented. (also be aware not to damage the floor)

*The Mute in Brushed Copper are not treated with any preservative lacquer or anything equivalent. This gives the sound of the mute a warm character whit a free and open resonance. However, copper is easily oxidized and stained by fingerprints, but this will will give the metal an attractive look and patina.

NOTE: All Ullvén mutes are delivered with oversized corks that has to be filed or cut, to fit each individual Instrument. This is important for best intonation and sound. It is advantageously recommended that the cork would be adjusted so that the Mute fit deep into the Instrument Bell.

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